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Deer Scents, Deer Lures, Deer Attractants, Bear Scents, Bear Lures and Cover Scents work, that’s it, they work and without question. An electronic scent dispenser or a heated scent dispenser is the best ways to improve the performance of a hunting scents or lures. Furthermore the Heated Hunts electronic scent dispenser heats the wick which is revolutionary to the hunting industry but a rather simple concept.

Think about it; you need to get the wicks in the wind then heat it up so it sends the scent farther. The Heated Hunts electronic scent dispenser heats the deer lure or bear lure to the same range of a live big game animal and holds it there. This creates the “barbecue effect” by applying consistent moderate heat to the scent on the wick. The deer lure will travel farther and be stronger than simply vaporizing or turning the scent into steam.

Lastly the best method to use a natural or synthetic urine based scent is to heat the lure to the same sample temperature as a big animal and hold it there so it goes farther down range, makes the scent appear like the marking was just made and on a cold day it is the only consistent scent in the woods, which makes it stand out.

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