Hunting Scent

Premium Deer Scent, Deer Attractant, Hog Lure or Bear Scents are harder to find as there are so many vendors not using best practices. A Deer Scent or any liquid Hunting Scent should not be in a clear bottle. Limit the natural or artificial light exposure to Hunting Scent as this reduces the quality of the scent over time. The other main focus is clean hunting urine collection to reduce sediment or by products in the urine. Sediment takes away from the quality of the deer urine. which reduces the quality. There is literally thousands of hunting urine collection sites across the United States and only a few do it right! Take a second look how Heated Hunts bottles their hunting scent. Furthermore Heated Hunts refrigerates all hunting scent until they are purchased as a consistent cool temperature is important.

Synthetic Deer Urine or Synthetic Deer Scent is starting to surface throughout the United States. No one has Synthetic Deer Urine or Synthetic Bear Attractant like Heated Hunts. Take the Heated Hunts Synthetic Deer Urine Challenge as when we ask the question, “Tell us the difference between these two Deer Scents.” The often response is they are both urine scents; when in fact one is a Synthetic Urine.

Heated Scent Dispenser

Heated Hunts Scent is the game changer the hunting industry has been waiting for. By heating Premium Deer Scent, Bear Scents, Hog Attractants or Elk Attractants there is more of a chance to trigger a response from the game animal. By heating the scent, the scent aroma is physically has more kinetic energy so it will travel farther. The Heated Hunts Electronic Heated Scent Dispenser will also reduce the liquid hunting lure from freezing. Send that Deer Attractant Down Range!

Heated Hunts Values

Heated Hunts set out to be a new modern company that holds true to the values of the era of when products were made to last, when people put pride into what they built and not just pushed volumes to make a buck.  The Heated Hunts Team stand behind their premium heated scent dispenser and premium hunting scent. The Heated Hunts Team literally spent hours testing and verifying their products while comparing it to the competition. Heated Hunts only offers products that beat the competition; simply put.

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