Deer Hunting Scents

5 Tips About Deer Hunting Scents That Will Make You A Better Hunter

Whether you are someone who is just getting started out in the world of hunting or you are someone who considers themselves to be a more experienced hunter, there are a wide range of considerations that you are going to need to make. Having access to the following tips will allow you to get the most out of your deer hunting scents.

While there are many who will simply purchase the most expensive deer hunting scents and hope for the best, there are others who know that there are certain nuances involved. Be sure to read on and learn more about these tips about deer hunting scents that can make you a better hunter.

1) Human Odors Are To Be Avoided At All Costs

A deer will never remain in an area where a human scent can be detected. These scents terrify most deer and in order to make sure that you are not spooking them away, you should be showering with a scent free soap prior to each hunting trip. The clothes that you wear on each trip need to be placed inside of a Ziploc bag or any other tightly sealed container that you may have access to. Once you have arrived at the location where you will be hunting, place some leaves and dirt in the container so that your clothes take on the scent of the location.

2) Doe Estrous Is Not The Be All End All

There are many hunters who allow themselves to fall into this trap. It is a wonderful tool to have in your arsenal but it will not get the job done on its own. You are going to need to use it during the early part of hunting season, but for long term success? You need to be checking out all of the scents that the stores in your area have to offer you.

3) Spray Your Odor Eliminator Properly

Some hunters do not know how to properly apply their odor eliminator and this limits their effectiveness. The odor eliminator should not be applied before you have arrived at your stand. In order to experience the proper level of success, you are going to need to bring the odor eliminator with you and apply it once you have arrived at the actual stand. Your hair and your hat are the areas to pay closest attention to.

4) Hunting In Wet and Windy Weather

Hunting in wet and windy weather is obviously more challenging than hunting in drier conditions. Once you have located a strip of timber to use for cover, pour the scent onto the areas that are most windy. To keep your human scent from making its way to the deer, set up in your stand as high as possible. The higher you go, the better your chances of having your scent pass over the deer.

5) Moving Quickly

Maybe you have taken all of the necessary precautions and you are still not having the desired success. Take a closer look at your setup times. If you are not getting into your spot as rapidly as possible, this gives the deer a chance to pick up your scent.


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