Deer Scent

Learning How To Use The Right Deer Scent

No doubt, the use of hunting scent lures is the easiest and simplest way to attract whitetail bucks when embarking on a hunting spree. This is because they’ve got a refined sense of smell which is unarguably their best survival adaption, followed by hearing. This explains why nearly all their behavior is driven by scent. This post is aimed at guiding you discover when, as well as where and how to apply effective deer scent strategies.

Deer scents often make a powerful addition to a hunter’s equipment and overall strategy. Sometimes, you need to create your own luck to successfully hunt down a deer as simply sitting or lying quietly in the woods is not always enough to ambush a wise whitetail buck. If you must convince a buck to get into range for that final shot, then you must be ready to use an effective deer scent that is appropriate for the season you are hunting in.

Here is how you can use an appropriate deer scent to improve your hunt this season.

Aim higher

Placing scent bombs on the ground could be less effective and may even yield unrealistic results. You can expand your chances of drawing an agitated or curious deer into your setup by hanging then a little high above (about 5 or 6 ft from the ground). This enhances the proper circulation of scent by gentle breezes and thermals. It is advisable to use a scent dripper when creating mock scrapes or enhancing a real one. This helps to enhance the smell of the scent from farther out by the higher breezes and also deposit scent on the ground where the whitetail buck will be attracted to.

Keep them in range

Since you will not want to place them farther than you can shoot, it is best you hang them in areas within a shooting distance of your stand such as possible travel routes or adjacent to shooting lanes. So, when a deer comes by and stops to examine it, you can shot at it while in range.

Minimize scent locations

Basically, you must avoid the excessive use of scent bombs else you create a foul smell in the area which surely not lure any deer but can even repel them away. Just so you know, it’s not necessary to position sent bombs all around you to cover every direction. With only just two wicks – one hung on the right and the other on your left – you can effectively shoot anything passing by. While you can decide to hand one directly in front of you (that’s if it make you feel better), it is advisable never to hang scents behind you and avoid placing them in places

Be a drag

When drenched in the right scent, you can use a send drag to cat the attention of a buck closer to range and at the same time, hide your scent which may trail behind you when walking in. While expecting to find an actual doe, the scent drag will lure the curious deer into the area.


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