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March 13, 2018

Buck Musk | Natural


Buck Scents are the most misunderstood Deer Scent in the whole hunting industry.  Heated Hunts Brute Buck Natural can be used during the Pre-Rut and Rut as an attractant.  This dominant buck lure should not be used if you are hunting immature bucks as this lure is typically used to bring in the big boys and often send the little guys running away with their tail between their legs. *No Unnecessary or Cutting Agent Additives**


Buck Musk Natural is Rutted Buck Urine that is blended with Tarsal Gland Secretions and Proprietary Performance Additives.  The base of Buck Musk Natural is 99% sediment free 100% fresh Rutted Buck urine.  Buck Musk is the next stage of scent after Brute Buck as its the same blend but from a rutted buck. This is the ultimate scrape enhancer too. Heated Hunts approach to urine scents are cleaner collections with added filtration, store the scent in glass, block UV light, limit oxygen and keep it cool.

Buck Musk Natural | Buck Rutted Aroma & Urine :

  • Premium 2 fluid ounce of Rutted Buck Urine with Tarsal Gland Secretions and Proprietary Performance Additives
  • Premium Tinted Green Glass Bottle
  • Large Fine Mist Sprayer
  • 99% sediment free 100% fresh Rutted Buck Urine makes the difference
  • Attracts Rutting Bucks
  • A Great Scent for Mock Scrapes

Hunting Application:

The hunter can simply fill 1 fluid ounce into their Heated Hunts Heated Scent Dispenser.  The hunter can spray this Buck Musk Natural down wind behind them while walking into their stand, pay attention to the wind.  Do not spray Buck Musk Natural within 15 yards of your stand. Brute Buck Natural is a great buck scent that pairs great with doe bleats, grunting and rattling. Note Rattling works best in a higher buck to doe ratio area.

Simply put Buck Musk Natural cannot be beat during the heat of the rut.  Using a Heated Buck Attractant with Tarsal Gland Secretions and Proprietary Performance Additives in the Heated Hunting Scent Dispenser is nearly impossible for any buck to pass up.  If you want to increase your odds while hunting; Heated Hunts has the answers. #BuckDown

If the hunter sprays Buck Musk Natural on tree limbs or small saplings it is not uncommon for a buck to make a rub or investigate.  Buck Musk Natural is an advanced mock scrape enhancer. By introducing this scent into your hunting area the hunter can have more rubs and more scrapes which will increase the competition so more bucks may travel thru to keep their eye out for the deer that made the "Buck Musk" markings if the hunter is within their territory.

Do not store any in direct sunlight and keep cool. Buck Musk Natural holds its freshness best if refrigerated but not necessary for short term storage. *No Unnecessary or Cutting Agent Additives**


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