Scent Control While Hunting l Deer Hunting
Scent Off 5x | Scent Eliminator
September 6, 2017
Irresistible 5x Bear Attractant
Irresistible 5x Bear | Attractant
March 9, 2018

Dealer Sample Pack


“Heated Hunts is the best selling hunting products in our store in the 2017 Season”,

Chris D – Creek Archery, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The Dealer Sample Pack is a great way to get started to gauge which Heated Hunts products will perform the best in your store(s).

Heated Hunts electronic scent dispenser is the game changer the hunting industry has been waiting for. Simply heat up scent to send it farther down range, make the aroma stronger and more enticing then lastly stop the scent from freezing on a cold day.

The secret to Heated Hunts attractants is to keep the scent in the rawest form by not diluting it then blending with several minerals. Basically a mineral aroma solution that brings in bucks, does, bears, hogs and other big game in a slender 8 fl oz bottle that can easily fit in a pocket.

The secret to Heated Hunts scents is a purer collection up front and master crafted blends. Heated Hunts premium Doe Estrus, High Octane, is lab verified to have estrogen in the bottle from a doe in peak rut. We pride ourselves in using thick glass with a fine mister with a full wrap label. Temperature, oxygen and light impact scents; the method Heated Hunts packages in the scents ensure its fresher for the hunter.


$300 Of Products & Shipping for $250!

The Dealer Sample Pack:

3 Heated Hunts Electronic Dispensers with accessories , 24 bottles of a combination of natural scents, synthetics, big game attractants and covers

The scents are all 2 fl oz; the attractants and covers are 8 fl oz.

  • Heated Dispensers:
    • Electronic Heated Scent Dispenser | 3
    • Extra Battery Pack | 3
    • Extra Wicks | 3
  • Natural Deer Scents:
    • High Octane Premium Doe 2 fl oz | 2
    • Seductive Doe | 2
    • Brute Buck  | 2
  • Synthetic Deer / Elk / Moose Scents:
    • Seductive Doe  | 2
    • Brute Buck  | 2
    • Buck-Tella | 2
  • 5x Series Attractant:
    • Irresistible 5x | 2
    • Sweet Corn 5x | 2
    • Acorn 5x | 2
    • Fresh Apple 5x | 2
  • 5x Series Covers
    • Dirt 5x |2
    • Scent Off 5x | 2
  • 10 Flyers explaining the products will be included