Heated Hunts Scent Dispensers In Action

Evolve – Heat Up Your Big Game Scents & Lures
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Wondering how Heated Hunts Scent Dispensers perform?

By heating Premium Deer Scent, Bear Scents, Hog Attractants or Elk Attractants there is more of a chance to trigger a response from the game animal. This is because when the scent is heated, more kinetic energy is created, enabling the aroma to travel farther. Our scent dispensers also prevent the liquid hunting lure from freezing. Send that Deer Attractant Down Range!

Heated Hunts electronic dispensers solve common hunting problems simply and efficiently. That's because they heat hunting lures to 105 F, the same temperature of a big game animal. By heating the sent to 105 F the scent will go twice as far, stop it from freezing, and trigger more reactions from game animals. No goofy chemicals, candles, or hand warmers—our dispensers put the wicks into the wind and heats them up!

Scott Big Buck
Wide 8pt
Big Velet Buck
Velet Buck
Kasey Bear


Heated Hunting Scents and Hot Wicks, the Electronic Scent Dispenser, are the game changers the hunting industry has been waiting for.